Marcus teaches classes, runs workshops, and even holds interactive sessions with demo tops or bottoms. he is normally available for group classes, but can also conduct smaller gathering or one-on-one classes.

"Marcus is setting new standards for a profession he is transforming. What I would call him is a sexual healer, an erotic artist, a love shaman. I do not use these words casually.
As a scholar with a PhD in contemporary sacred sexualities, I have studied hundreds of people who combine spirit and sex in their work and play. Marcus is simply, utterly, one of the best, one of the most honest and compassionate and alive people I have ever had the honor of connecting with."

- Loraine Hutchins, Ph.D.
Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker

here are some of the classes Marcus has taught before:


Throwing Sex Parties
- class format: a talk, with q&a at end
- class objective: learn how to host a group sex party
so you want to have a sex party, but aren’t sure who to invite, how to invite them, or if there should be a theme? wait - you’re just thinking about how to do this safely, what sort of lube to supply, and where people could stow their clothes? all your questions will be answered, from content to organization.

Orgy Etiquette
- class format: a talk, with q&a at end
- class objective: learn how to be a good guest at a sex party
it’s amazing. you go to an orgy and inevitably there’s that ONE... that person who everyone else avoids. someone who’s relentlessly pushing his or her way in to scenes. someone who disturbs a scene, or is too drunk, or simply frustrates other partygoers. learn how NOT to be that person. in this class, you’ll gain insight into being the ideal guest... and getting invited back!

The Party of Your Dreams
- class format: a talk, with q&a at end
- class objective: learn how to organize, throw, or attend a group sex party
for Jack, going to a sex party is the ultimate fantasy. it’s so titillating that nervousness overwhelms him, and he can’t bring himself to actually attend. for Monique, the thought of being in one is something she masturbates to, but in reality she’s afraid some guys may be overbearing. Thomas worries that he’s not buff enough for the other people there. and Jess is worried about her health (she wants a group sex scene, but isn’t sure how to prevent getting anything.) Yossi was invited to one once, but feared there would not be enough hot women for him. and as for Susan? she’s been to over twenty. and is ready to start having her own. in one dynamic session, you will learn how to host and attend sex parties. from organization, to etiquette; from your own fears... to finding-the-damned-thingsin-the-first-place, get on the sex party path so you, too, can “play well with others.” whether you’ve never been to a sex party before, or you’ve attended several (like Susan), this class will have you wanting to jump right in. in this class, you can be dressed, partially clothed, or completely nude. just like a good sex party, the choices are all yours.


Sex Blogging
- class format: a talk, with q&a at end
- class objective: explore the concept of sharing your sex life, in words alone, with countless others - all over the globe.
why do people blog about their sex lives? how do people decide on what to blog, and what is too personal? and what about anonymity?
in this class, we will look at these questions and other aspects of blogging, including the relationship bloggers have with their audience, and how they see their readers - as consumers, friends, lovers... or even as liabilities? for what seems to be a light fun subject could have very serious consequences if the author is “outed.”

Aural Sex
- class format: a reading, with q&a at end
- class objective: learn about sexual orientations, practices, and interests that may differ from your own, to gain greater understanding of other people's sex lives.
kick back, relax, and enjoy! hear tales from raconteur Marcus. sit a spell as he fills you in on his adventures in the skin trade—not to mention his off-duty relaxations at orgies, sex clubs and hot tubs. a fun, eye-opening, sometimes shocking performance that’s sure to entertain, while embracing the larger issues of sexual tolerance and acceptance.

"Keep Marcus' presentation in your curriculum. His was the single-most informative, mindblowing day of the semester."
- university student


- class format: a talk, with q&a at end
- class objective: gain insight into sexual orientation - good for gay men, lesbians, straight men, straight women... and of course, bisexual or bi-curious people.
sexual orientation is more than a continuum, as Kinsey wrote. it is fluid, and actually varies over time. it is also multi-layered, comprising different elements including fantasy, visuals, and actual behavior. even in these “enlightened” times, there remain conflicting and contradictory attitudes concerning bisexuality, as a form of self-identification and in sexual practice. these attitudes affect men, women and transgendered people. and they affect all sorts of relationships, from monogamous to open to polyamorous. this candid and frank session addresses prevalent notions and offers strategies to bring bisexuality into play, within scenes, within relationships, and within personal lives.


Dealing With Male Assholes (a demo class)
- class format: demo, with Marcus and volunteers
- class objective: learn how to approach a man’s hole, effectively stimulate the prostate, and the myriad of things that can go up a guy’s butt.
the focus is on the ass! specifically, playing with men's asses. get ready - this is a demo class - so if you are male, have an asshole, and want to be a demo bottom, please come to this workshop “cleaned out.” unsure how to clean out? no problem, it’s always nice to have one guy who’s willing to receive an enema, as well.
we will explore toys and various body parts up the ass (including a tongue, dick, and balls.) if we’re lucky enough to have a fisting demo bottom join in, we’ll get to that, too...

"The 'Dealing with Male Assholes' class was so hot, I had to leave in the middle of it to get fucked in the next room!"
- participant at Dark Odyssey workshop

Fuck You! (a demo workshop)
- class format: a demo workshop, with Marcus and volunteers
- class objective: learn, finally, how to be a great top. or bottom.
you owe it to him to be the best anal top (or bottom) you can be. hell, who are we fooling? you owe it to YOURSELF. come to class with or without a partner, and get tips on fucking. if you come alone, we’ll pair you up with someone for practice fucks. preparation is essential - anyone who bottoms will need to be cleaned out, and EVERYONE who actively participates in this should be mentally ready to switch workshop partners at different points.

Shaving Workshop (a demo workshop)
- class format: demo workshop, with Marcus and volunteers
- class objective: learn shaving techniques for removing body hair.
bring your most hirsute.  Marcus will talk you through this, walk you through this, and shave you through this.  it'll be good for you.  clean up real nice - and start living life with less. if you are shave-curious, you are also welcome to this workshop, and guaranteed to leave with the same amount of hair you came in with. unless, of course, you need a shave...

Watersports (a demo class)
- class format: demo, with Marcus and volunteers
- class objective: learn about watersports, including history, safety, and tips.
one of the more taboo sexual acts, watersports / golden showers / piss play is HOT! even if you don’t yet agree, you have to admit, at least it’s warm...
if you like that warm feeling... of piss flowing over your body... in your hair... maybe even gulping it down “from the tap” ...then you should definitely come to this class.
learn about the history of piss play, the safety of piss play, and the fun of piss play. then, watch (or join in) as we have a demo of piss play! remember: it’s better to be pissed on, than pissed off!

"Marcus... your watersports class was a lot of fun. thanks for a hot workshop!"

- Mina

The ABCs of CBT (a demo class)
- class format: demo, with Marcus and volunteers
- class objective: explore the realm of cock and ball torture (CBT), from anatomy and safety to tips and techniques.
for the uninitiated, the first question that naturally comes to mind is "why?" to lovers of CBT, though, engaging in this is one of the best ways of play. "torture" is a bit of a misnomer, because in fact the direct intense stimulation of male genitals is, when done right, a very pleasurable experience. there is great variety in CBT, and it can be done sensually, or with a masochistic bent. learn how to play with a man's junk, and understand why guys like this in the first place. after we explore safety aspects, Marcus will give tips for getting the most out of a session. in this hands-on demo, you'll learn about manual manipulation, bondage options, and various toys that literally can drive a guy to ecstacy.


How To Whore
- class format: a talk, with q&a at end
- class objective: to provide information about sex work. for some, that may only mean a better understanding of it from a sex worker’s perspective. for others, it will allow them to make informed decisions as to whether to embark on it for themselves. for those already in the industry, it will be a setting to converse freely and exchange ideas.
a talk about getting started in whoring.  covering issues such as health, the law, screening clients, specific acts, handling clients, and having a hot session.  also, profitability and money management, business organization, and advertising.  good for people who are thinking of doing this, people who are already doing this, or people who are just intrigued.

"I was surprised to see that you are so personable! And very responsible, too..."
- class participant


A bisexual switch. A polyamorous lover. A pretty adventurous man.

Marcus had hosted All Male as well as Male/Female/Trans group sex parties each month for six years, in Washington, DC and NYC.
His blog “Welcome to The Fuck House” was a Best Sex Blog finalist at the Erotic Awards in England.

Marcus currently works full time as an escort for men and women.
Several times a year, he teaches about sex in a variety of places, from sex conferences to accredited university classes.

An activist for sex worker rights, bisexual rights, and the sex-positive movement, Marcus lives in Washington, DC. He travels worldwide for the services he provides.


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